There are many persons and collectives thinking with Illich. This section compiles links to online materials that are more or less explicitly by and about Ivan Illich. To share a link or to report a broken link, write to [email protected] 


There are many persons and collectives thinking with Illich. This section compiles links to online materials that are more or less explicitly by and about Ivan Illich. To share a link or to report a broken link, write to [email protected] 


Talks by Ivan Illich

-- Ivan Illich’s 1972 conversation with Jean-Marie Domenach about the myth of Pandora, Prometheus, and Epimetheus 

-- Ivan Illich talks about the Limits to Medicine 

-- Ivan Illich speaks on Water and the history of the senses

-- Ivan Illich in conversation with David Cayley: the best introduction to the man and his ideas

-- Ivan Illich on The Good Samaritan

-- Ivan Illich on  The Corruption of Christianity

-- Ivan Illich discusses the distinction between Instrument and System

Books by Ivan Illich

-- Ivan Illich’s books published by Marion Boyars (Consult both pages)   

-- The Powerless Church and Other Selected Writings, 1955-1985, compiled by Valentina Borremans & Sajay Samuel, Penn State University Press 2019

-- Opera Omnia (Complete Works) of Illich in Italian is underway. General editor: Giorgio Agamben, curator: Fabio Milana, publisher: Neri Pozza. First volume titled Celebrare la consapevolezza was published in 2020 and here is an interview with Fabio Milana about the book and the man.


-- David Cayley - Ivan Illich: an Intellectual Journey, Penn State Press, 2021     

-- John Baldachino, Educing Ivan Illich: Reform, Contingency and Disestablishment, Peter Lang, 2020. 

-- Jean Michel Djian explains his recently published book: Ivan Illich: L’homme qui a Libéré L’avenir, Seuil, 2020 (in French)

Jean-Michel Djian - Ivan Illich : l'homme qui a libéré l'avenir

-- Samuel Ewell, Faith Seeking Conviviality: Reflections on Ivan Illich, Christian Mission, and the Promise of Life Together, Cascade Books, 2019

-- Jean Robert - L'Età dei Sistemi nel pensiero dell’ultimo Illich, Museo dei, Hermaten, 2019

-- Franco La Cecla,  Ivan Illich e l’Arte de Vivere, Eleuthera, 2018

-- Silvia Grunig Irribaren, Ivan Illich Pour une Ville Conviviale?, Bord de L’Eau, 2018

-- Humberto Beck - Otra Modernidad es posible: El pensamiento de Iván Illich, Cadabra, 2017

--Todd Hartch The Prophet of Cuernavaca, Oxford University Press 2015

-- Thierry Paquot  discusses his French book, Introduction a Ivan Illich, Edition la Decouverte, 2012  

-- Illich’s name has swirled in the debates and opinions on the pandemic. A set of these edited by Gustavo Esteva and Aldo Zanchetta was recently published and favorably reviewed.

 -- Lastly, the Cayley interview in 1992 published as Conversation with Ivan Illich has been published in a new Italian translation.


Meetings & Conferences

-- Remembering Illich: a conversation between Michael Sacasas and David Cayley

-- Jean Robert on, Ivan Illich: ¿Teólogo o pensador de la herramienta? (Theologian or thinker of Tools?) Mexico, 2019.

-- Babette Babich discusses Ivan Illich’s Vineyard of the Text

-- Three part seminar on Illich’s thought,  Penn State University, December 2018

Thinking After Illich

The Question of Political Theology

Living the Catastrophe

-- Pro-memoria Ivan Illich Conference 2012, Bologna Italy 

Barbara Duden speaks 

Giorgio Agamben speaks

-- Pourquoi penser avec Ivan Illich? Thierry Paquot and Barbara Duden discuss the relevance of Illich, in Nantes 2012 

-- Vivre et penser avec Ivan Illich. Dix ans après, in Nantes, France 2012

-- John McKnight talks  about his encounter with Ivan Illich in Cincinnati, 2009

-- Jean Robert speaks on La convivencialidad en la edad de los sistemas, (Conviviality in the Age of Systems) Cuernavaca 2007 

--2012 Symposium: Radical Nemesis: Re-Envisioning Ivan Illich's Theories on Social Institutions at the Western New England University School of Law 

-- Oakland Table: a seminar series  organized for Jerry Brown (former governor of California) by Ivan Illich and a group of close collaborators (2000-2001).

 Illich related materials on the web 

-- For over two decades, David Cayley has masterfully engaged Ivan Illich in illuminating conversations. Numerous podcasts and essays on Illich can be found on his website

-- Michael Sacasas maintains a vibrant newsletter titled The Convivial Society aimed at exploring the relation between digital technology and culture. The title indicates the significance of Illich’s thinking to that effort.

-- John Winslow Verity was an ardent and devoted compiler of Illich writings. For a time, his blog—New Scare City—served as perhaps the only ‘place’ to which all those interested in Illich’s ideas could turn. His widow generously maintains this still invaluable site.

-- David Tinapple‘s compilation of book, articles, and audio recordings by Ivan Illich.

-- 10 selected podcasts on Ivan Illich at the Owl Tail

-- David Bollier’s website is a repository for contemporary efforts to rethink the commons and the activity of commoning

-- Gustavo Esteva, is a “deprofessionalized intellectual”  is at the center of efforts to think about life after Development. He founded the Universidad de la Tierra 

--- Common Good collective attempts to restore the commons. Its founders, who include John McKnight —a close friend of Illich, are in  conversation with a group of practitioners of alternative modes of living and thinking.

--- Dougald Hine, itinerant thinker and community builder, counts Illich as one of his shaping influences.  

--- Tim Lacy of the Society for US Intellectual History on Ivan Illich

International Journal of Illich Studies

A peer-reviewed academic journal housed at Penn State University