Call for Thematic Articles

Call for Thematic articles (no.6, 2024)

The next and sixth issue of Conspiratio is devoted to “Nature.” As Raymond Williams reminded us long ago, “nature is perhaps the most complex word in the (English) language.” For all its complexity, nature remains a potent keyword to unlock many contested areas of contemporary life. The science of climate change records man’s degradation of nature. The worldwide pursuit of a green economy is justified by the necessity to mitigate those damages. The acrimonious disputes over gender, sex, and identity pivot on the question of human nature.  The dream of a post-human future is predicated on replacing the natural by the technical. I invite you, and those you know who may be interested, to submit articles on “Nature” broadly construed. Of course, feel free to submit essays, book reviews, or translations that you think fit for the periodical, even if unrelated to the theme of “Nature.”


The deadline for submissions is May 30, 2024. We hope to meet in late June to discuss the submitted articles. That would be a step towards “conspiring” in all meanings of the word. Details of the planned meeting in June will be announced shortly.

To submit your article, click here.