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Issue 1:

This inaugural issue leads with a series of essays on an issue of some moment — the pandemic. On Reading Ivan Illich is the theme for this inaugural issue and informs the choice of the articles.


Issue 2:

David Cayley has done more than anyone else to draw public attention to the thought and life of Ivan Illich. The theme of this issue of Conspiratio is “Responses to ‘Ivan Illich: an intellectual Journey’.”


Issue 3:

This third issue of Conspiratio is devoted to the idea of appropriate scale or proportion. It was a persistent theme in the thought and writings of Ivan Illich from the 1950s on.


Issue 4:

Illich devoted the last two decades of his life to historical studies of the body and sense perceptions. Notable in this regard was his collaboration with Barbara Duden in what she calls their “quest for a past somatics.” That quest was prompted by his growing awareness that self-perception was rapidly becoming disembodied. The theme of the 4th issue is Flesh/Body.


Issue 5:

The fifth issue of Conspiratio is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Illich’s Tools for Conviviality. This issue is given to a dissection and elaboration of Illich’s arguments concerning tools. The cover of each printed issue was individually crafted by the artist Ernesto Bonato, whose reflections on the brush as the preeminent artistic tool is one of the articles.